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About Us

Learn more about the story behind Britannia Marie Gold My Startup Contest.

About Britannia Marie Gold My StartUp Contest

When given the chance to realise their ambitions, women would have the power to change the world. With this sentiment at its core, we launched Britannia Marie Gold My StartUp Contest in 2019. This platform aims to inspire homemakers to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, in turn providing exposure to small, local women-led businesses. Seasons 1–3 of the contest received an overwhelming response pan-India, with diverse participation across age groups, communities and financial backgrounds.

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Backed by the success of the past 3 seasons, we are proud to make a comeback with Season 4 of the Britannia Marie Gold My StartUp Contest. Participants will be granted access to a host of digital business training programs, in collaboration with Google. A select set of homemakers will also get the opportunity to avail of insightful mentorship sessions from industry experts. With a cash prize of Rs.10,00,000 waiting at the end of the finish line, may the best entrepreneur win!

About Britannia Marie Gold

Britannia Marie Gold needs no introduction, being the 3rd largest biscuit brand in India and a household name for over four decades. From the very beginning, Britannia Marie Gold has immensely valued the integral role played by the Indian homemaker. We believe that homemakers are the nerve centre of the entire family, and a source of happiness and strength for all. Serving as the homemaker’s constant tea-time companion, we provide moments of lightness and relaxation during their day. But times are changing, and we’ve evolved from being their ‘downtime partner’ to being the fuel which allows them to achieve more in their everyday life.

There is an increasing realization and growing appreciation of the focal role today’s homemaker plays, not only as part of a family but also as an individual. While they take immense pride in being homemakers, they also nurse an aspiration to ‘Do more & be more’. The positioning “Kyunki bahut kuch hai karna” (there still is a lot more to achieve) in our current campaign gives voice to this desire of the homemaker to “Do More and Be More”. The new stance inspires women to introspect and recognize the inherent potential that lies within them. Through contests like Britannia Marie Gold My StartUp Contest, we hope to bring out this potential and help them realise their grandest ambitions.

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About Us

The success of the past 3 seasons has inspired us to continue forward in this journey and now move onto the 4th edition of the Britannia Marie Gold My StartUp Contest